Famous Photographers’ and their Self-Portraits

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Today is Camera Day, an obscure and apparently random holiday that is exactly what it sounds like: a day to celebrate (and, presumably, use) a camera. Accordingly, we’re paying tribute to some of our favorite camera-wielders by focusing on the moments when they turned their instrument of choice upon themselves. Because everybody nowadays can make a self-portrait, but few are as good as these Famous Photographers’ Self-Portraits.

Robert Capa

Basically the first photo-journalist, looking appropriately prepared for combat.

Edward Weston

Weegee (aka Arthur Fellig)

Looks about as shady as we’d expect a photographer of fresh urban crime scenes to look.

Andy Warhol

All the details of his awful skin!

James Van Der Zee

Alfred Stieglitz

Classy ’stache!

Edward Steichen

Cindy Sherman

Admittedly, almost all her word is self-portraiture, but we like this iconic shot.

Sally Mann

Well that’s creepy. Moreso even than…

Robert Mapplethorpe

We couldn’t post his other famous self-portrait

Larry Clark

Looks appropriately awkward.

Jeff Wall

Before becoming one of the more divisive forces in contemporary photography, Wall was already divided against himself.



A classic for both obvious and subtler reasons.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Modern photography’s defining master (more or less) even got a little postmodern in his later years.


One fo our all-time favorites, his self-portrait only hints at how enigmatic his best work was.

Bill Brandt

Strangely, you can sort of tell that he was half British and half German.

Richard Avedon

Another favorite around the Listicles office, he’s even able to cut to the core of his own image in this self-portrait.

Eugene Atget

Though not intended as a self-portrait, Atget’s predilection for modern Paris’s storefronts led to several incidental self-portraits, though none more fascinating as this image.

Diane Arbus

Candid, quizzical and a little unsettling, just like the rest of her work.

Ansel Adams

Pretty much exactly the kind of self-portrait you’d expect from America’s pre-eminent landscape photographer.



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